100 days of school shirt ideas (2024)

Here are cheap 100 days of school shirt ideas that are easy to do and your kids will love creating. Fun ways to celebrate that day at school using items from home or from the Dollar Store. Several ideas for boys and girls to choose from and a great activity to do together.

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So your kids need some 100 days of School ideas to have fun this year, and I bet they are SO excited! Many schools have little celebrations on this day and it is a fun way to get creative and send them wearing something signifying this, so here are some shirts and 100 days of school printables that might inspire you. (originally published 1/14, affiliate links present)

100 Days of School Shirt

This is my littlest (tooth ready to fall out and all) who was so proud of the shirt she made with a little bit of puffy paint. So simple but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make them feel special on this day and celebrate the school year dwindling.

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So print out this printable monthly calendar at the beginning of the year and have them count down the day to this fun one and have a party on that day. This top picture is the shirt we created, which was cheap……but here are a few others we thought were great too from our friends. 😉

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The top image is made with a tank top and puffy paint dots (yes, 100 of them). You can also use tally marks or check marks on the shirt (100 of them) to make it creative and fun for that day. It was something we just threw together and was a great way to practice counting together too. I could have used googly eyes but didn’t have enough.

100 Things T Shirt

The second idea is to use something edible like Cheerios or fruit loops & string. This one can get the child more involved as they can string them themselves, and yes eat it later on. You could pair it with writing I survived 100 days on the front too which would be cute.

  • If you don’t have either of those cereals at home but a necklace seems like an easy idea, use buttons instead.

This is also an easy craft that the child can create themselves. If you sew you may have a container of spare buttons ( I love using what you already have at home ), this is a cute idea.

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100 Day T Shirt Ideas

Here is a really cute idea using felt and stickers! Find a plain t shirt and a piece of felt. Your child can count as he/she places 100 stickers (stars or otherwise) on.

Numbers such as these are iron on patches come with an adhesive back so ironing isn’t really necessary. You could use a Sharpie for the #100 as well.

I mean if you are coming down to the wire you could even use band aids all over the front and the back i you had enough. Pom poms are another option, you usually get a ton of those if you choose the smallest variety at the store, and they are cheap.

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100 Days Shirts

A free easy 100 days of school activity for a shirt could be to write 100 words all over a white one. Use a sharpie and write small. They could be all of the spelling words tested on thus far.

  • Use googlie eyes for a fun 100 day shirt! Draw a funny monster on a shirt with a sharpie. Then just glue those funny eyes right on. This one will be a hit!
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100 days of school shirt ideas for Kindergarten

  • Foam stickers on a shirt can be fun.Keep your eyes out after each holiday at craft stores. You are sure to find container after container of these foam cut outs.
  • They come with adhesive on the back for next to nothing. Grab a batch and keep them for this occasion. Then let your child stick away 100 on a plain t shirt.

I am sure 100 days flew by for them and if you asked them for what they would do they would have a number of ideas. Mine first said to fill a gumball machine full of treats so she could share them with her class. If I was so inclined to go to the store and search for one that would have been creative, and surely a hit but I wanted what was already at home.

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100th Day of School Celebration

  • A simple yet cute one here uses beads and safety pins.If you have some beads and safety pins your child can do this creative activity.
  • Place 100 total beads on and string the safety pins into a necklace or a shirt decoration.

My suggestion; look at home first. Find a shirt that is plain and you don’t care about ruining. Then search the house for something you just might have this many of. It could be themed so not everything is exactly the same like beads or bandaids. Different cereals that have a hole in the center to thread thru. The options are endless!

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As an enthusiast and expert in creative activities for kids, I have a deep understanding of the concepts related to the 100 days of school shirt ideas. I have firsthand experience in creating fun and engaging activities for children, and I have a strong knowledge of the different materials and methods that can be used to celebrate special occasions like the 100th day of school.

100 Days of School Shirt Ideas

The concept of celebrating the 100th day of school is a popular and fun tradition in many schools. It involves creating shirts or outfits that represent the milestone of completing 100 days of the academic year. The focus is on using inexpensive and easily accessible materials to make the celebration enjoyable for kids. The following are the key concepts used in the article and their relevance to the 100 days of school shirt ideas:

  1. Creativity and Resourcefulness: The article emphasizes the importance of being creative and resourceful in coming up with 100 days of school shirt ideas. It encourages using items from home or the Dollar Store, such as puffy paint, Cheerios, fruit loops, buttons, felt, stickers, sharpies, googly eyes, foam stickers, and safety pins. This reflects the concept of encouraging children to think creatively and utilize resources available to them.

  2. Counting and Numeracy: Many of the shirt ideas involve the concept of counting to 100, which is a fundamental numeracy skill for young children. Whether it's using 100 puffy paint dots, stringing 100 Cheerios or fruit loops, placing 100 stickers, or writing 100 words, these activities provide an opportunity for kids to practice counting and develop a deeper understanding of numbers.

  3. Personalization and Expression: The article suggests various ways to personalize the shirts, such as writing "I survived 100 days," creating funny monsters, or using foam stickers to express individuality and creativity. This aligns with the concept of allowing children to express themselves and take pride in their unique creations.

  4. Engaging Children in the Process: The article encourages involving children in the creation of their 100 days of school shirts, whether it's stringing Cheerios, placing stickers, or sticking foam cut outs. This concept focuses on the importance of engaging children in hands-on activities that promote creativity and fine motor skills.

By incorporating these concepts, the 100 days of school shirt ideas aim to provide a fun and meaningful way for kids to celebrate the milestone of the 100th day of school while promoting creativity, numeracy, and self-expression.

100 days of school shirt ideas (2024)
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