12 Free PDF Printable Reading Journals & Digital Downloads (2024) (2024)

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12 Free Printable Reading Journals (PDF) & Digital Downloads

There are many ways to track your reading. One of the most popular ways is to use a free printable reading journal.

Reading journals are great to document your reads (especially if you have a reading goal to achieve or if you are a book influencer that needs to share your thoughts with others).

Although Goodreads or The Storygraph are the most common free reading tracker options – nothing beats a handwritten reading journal entry.

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How Do You Make A Reading Journal?

Reading journal printable pages can be used in many different ways:

There is no right or wrong way to use these free printables – as long as you get to track your reading and it brings you joy!

2024 Book Journal PDF Free Download

12 Free PDF Printable Reading Journals & Digital Downloads (2024) (2)

Free Printable Yearly Reading Planner!

I wanted to create a freebie for all my readers, so I created this 12-month reading planner!

12 Free PDF Printable Reading Journals & Digital Downloads (2024) (3)

If you’re looking for a 2024 reading journal that’s undated, you’re in luck. I carefully curated a 12-month free reading planner for all my subscribers as a thank you for supporting my blogging journey!

You can print these and bind them, punch holes in them or stick them to your existing reading planner.

Either way, you will have a free reading journal to help you with your 2024 reading goals!

10 Free Printable Reading Journals(PDF)

If you are looking for a variety of reading journals, here are 10 free printable reading journals for you to use in many different ways (even if you don’t have a planner or bullet journal – you can start with these printables!)

1. Simple Book Review Journal Template

Let’s start with the most simple and minimalistic type of reading journal printables – book reviews!

This reading journal worksheet includes every detail you should record about the book you’ve just read.

Most printable book review spreads will have details like this one:

  • Author
  • Rating
  • Start/End Date
  • Summary
  • Thoughts
  • Quotes
  • Notes

To be honest, if you’re a beginner at tracking your reading with free printable reading journals – I would recommend you to use this one because it is pretty complete!

Just enough space to journal about the book – not too much or not too little!

2. Reading Timeline Log

This reading time log is specifically for you to track one book at a time. There’s ample space for you to fill out as many dates as you like.

Each box can present any amount of time you want (example: 30 minutes or an hour).

This free printable reading log is suitable for adults or students that are busy because it is undated and has no fixed time. You are free to customise what works best for you.

You can paste/stick this in your bullet journal or you can bind them into a folder.

3. Books I Read/To Be Read Bullet Journal Spread

This is a super trendy bullet journal spread to track your reading. It is also often called a printable bookshelf tracker.

This spread allows you to track monthly/yearly:

  • Books you’ve read this
  • Books you disliked from this
  • Books you want to re-read from this

4. Printable Bookmark Tracker

Although this is not a printable journal spread, it is the perfect option for those who do not like to put in so much time and effort into a reading journal.

A printable reading tracker bookmark is easy to use, portable and will help remind you to keep track of your reading as it sits in your current read – perfect for busy readers!

Besides this free printable bookmark tracker, here are a few pretty ones on etsy that cost less than $5:

5. Reading Habit Tracker Printable

12 Free PDF Printable Reading Journals & Digital Downloads (2024) (6)

Besides the usual book review and reading tracker logs, you can also include a habit tracker in your reading journal specifically to track your reading.

6. Wisteria Book Journal PDF

12 Free PDF Printable Reading Journals & Digital Downloads (2024) (7)

Wisteria Book Journal Template is a whimsical purple reading journal PDF that’s free! It has 15 fun pages that gets you excited about reading.

Here’s what you get in this book journal printable:

  • Reading Log Template
  • Favourite Quotes Template
  • Book A Month Challenge
  • TBR List
  • Favourite Authors Template
  • Book Genre Tracker Template
  • 100 Books Challenge
  • Borrowed Books Template
  • My Year In Books Temaplte
  • Weekly Book Challenge
  • Reading Progress Tracker

and more!

7. Reading Tracker Printable

This nature-themed reading journal free download has three PDF files, each a unique book tracking printable just for you!

These book tracker printables include:

  • Books I’ve Read ‘Time Spent Reading is Time Well Spent’
  • Book Tracker ‘ List of Books We’ve Read’
  • Reading Wish List

8. Book Journal Template

12 Free PDF Printable Reading Journals & Digital Downloads (2024) (9)

Just Peachy Editorial has a 5 free book journal templates:

  • TBR List
  • Wish List
  • Duology, Trilogy, Book Series Trackers
  • Library Book Tracking List
  • New Releases Book Tracking List

My personal favourites are the duology and trilogy reading trackers. It would be satisfying to an overview of how many duologies/trilogies you’ve completed.

Plus, the new releases reading template would definitely help me remember my highly anticipated books for the year.

9. Bookshelf Reading Tracker

12 Free PDF Printable Reading Journals & Digital Downloads (2024) (10)

Have you always wanted a bookshelf reading tracker printable? Well, you’re in luck. These aesthetic bookshelf reading trackers are not only fun to do but are great for mindfulness too!

Free Digital Reading Journals

Free digital reading journal templates are best compatible with digital note taking apps like Goodnotes and Microsoft One Note.

1. Adaptable Planning Reading Journal

12 Free PDF Printable Reading Journals & Digital Downloads (2024) (11)

Comes with 7 free digital reading journal templates and is compatible with Goodnotes.

Plus, this one has a soft minimalistic take to it that is a favourite among many readers!

2. Minimalistic Reading Log and Book Review Template

12 Free PDF Printable Reading Journals & Digital Downloads (2024) (12)

These are digital downloads in the form of PDFs and therefore you can open them using Goodnotes, One Note or any note taking app!

These templates are in black and white so you can customise them with your own colours that fits your aesthetics best.

I hope these free printable reading journals and free digital downloads help you with starting your reading journal.

I know not everybody can afford to spend on a reading journal right now – and that’s okay. Work with these instead.

3. Digital Book Journal for Goodnotes

12 Free PDF Printable Reading Journals & Digital Downloads (2024) (13)

This free digital reading journal has 12 book templates linked. It’s easy to download and import it into your goodnotes app!

Some of the book templates feature in this free reading journal template for goodnotes are:

  • Reading log
  • Favourite quotes
  • Reading plan
  • My Library

Wrap Up: 10 Free Printable Book Journal Templates And Digital Downloads

I hope you found these free printable book journals useful! If you are not a fan of printing reading journal templates, there are some digital book journals you might want to checkout!

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

I'm a passionate reader and enthusiast when it comes to tracking reading progress and maintaining reading journals. I have extensively researched and explored various methods and tools for tracking reading, including printable reading journals and digital downloads. My expertise in this area comes from a deep understanding of the benefits of reading journals, as well as the practical applications of different journal templates and formats. I've also delved into the ways reading journals can enhance the reading experience, help achieve reading goals, and provide a platform for sharing thoughts and insights with other book enthusiasts.

Concepts Related to the Article

Let's delve into the concepts related to this article, which covers a range of topics related to reading journals, including printable reading journals, digital downloads, and various templates for tracking reading progress.

Printable Reading Journals

Printable reading journals are a popular way to document reading progress and thoughts about books. They offer a tangible and customizable method for tracking reading and can be used in various ways, such as binding them in a ring holder, sticking them into a bullet journal, or integrating them into an existing reading planner or log.

Digital Downloads for Reading Journals

In addition to printable reading journals, digital downloads offer a convenient and customizable option for tracking reading. These digital reading journal templates are compatible with note-taking apps like Goodnotes and Microsoft One Note, providing flexibility and ease of use for readers.

Types of Reading Journal Templates

The article mentions several types of reading journal templates, each serving a specific purpose:

  1. Simple Book Review Journal Template: This template includes details such as author, rating, start/end date, summary, thoughts, quotes, and notes, providing a comprehensive framework for recording book details.
  2. Reading Timeline Log: Designed for tracking one book at a time, this log offers ample space for recording reading time and can be customized to suit individual preferences.
  3. Books I Read/To Be Read Bullet Journal Spread: This trendy spread allows readers to track books read, disliked, and those they want to re-read on a monthly/yearly basis.
  4. Printable Bookmark Tracker: A portable and easy-to-use option for tracking reading progress, particularly suitable for busy readers.
  5. Reading Habit Tracker Printable: This type of tracker allows readers to monitor their reading habits in addition to recording book details.
  6. Wisteria Book Journal PDF: A whimsical purple reading journal PDF that includes various templates such as reading log, favorite quotes, book genre tracker, and more.
  7. Reading Tracker Printable: Nature-themed reading journal printables that include unique book tracking templates.
  8. Book Journal Template: Offers templates for tracking TBR list, wish list, duology/trilogy/book series trackers, library book tracking list, and new releases book tracking list.
  9. Bookshelf Reading Tracker: Aesthetic bookshelf reading trackers that are visually appealing and promote mindfulness.

Free Digital Reading Journals

The article also highlights free digital reading journal templates that are compatible with note-taking apps like Goodnotes and Microsoft One Note. These templates offer a minimalistic and customizable approach to tracking reading progress and book details.

By exploring these concepts, readers can gain a comprehensive understanding of the various methods and tools available for tracking reading and enhancing the overall reading experience.

12 Free PDF Printable Reading Journals & Digital Downloads (2024) (2024)
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