25 Easy 100th Day of School Shirt Ideas (2024)

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It is quite the tradition that homeschool families celebrate the 100th day of their school year. Celebrate this day with traditional special t-shirts and use these 25 easy 100th day of school shirt ideas to help.

25 Easy 100th Day of School Shirt Ideas (1)

What is the 100 days of school?

Simply speaking, the 100 days of school acknowledgment is the 100th day of school celebration and milestone appreciation.

I couldn’t really find the origins of how it began. However, my guess is that the 100 days was a great starting point for reflection of how the school year was going. Even conventional schools celebrate this goal mark.

Why is the 100th day of school is a big deal?

Here is why many families choose to celebrate their 100 days of school:

1. The 100th-day mark gives something fun for kids to look forward to.

Yes, celebrations are fun. It’s a totally random time that kids can even choose how to celebrate. It isn’t a heart theme for Valentine’s Day or wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day. The 100 days of a school is a pick-whatever-totally-fun-activities-you-want type of celebration.

2. Cool 100 Day Unit Study Lessons to Incorporate every subject.

I try to do a few complete unit studies for my family per year. They are just really fun for us. We have one theme to work around. We read about it and relate subjects around that one topic.

For a 100-day for school unit, there are countless math concepts to study. Kids can read a book that has “100” in its title. Exercise with kiddos can include workouts with a 100 in them (hardest for me, of course.)

For history, kids can learn about who the President was 100 years ago. Kids can collect 100 things and, yes… count 100 snacks like M&Ms. We love M&Ms in my house. Here are 100th day of school lesson ideas to incorporate different subjects on this day for a whole unit.

3. 100 days of School is a MILESTONE for parents and homeschoolers.

100 days of school may not seem like a big deal for some, but for kids and parents who put their time and effort into lessons and planning, it is a HUGE deal.

It is a time for you to reflect on what you have been teaching, what has been working, and what needs tweaking. It is a great time for kids can review their work and see how far they have come already.

What can your homeschool do for the 100th day of school celebration?

Your homeschoolers can put together hundred-piece puzzles to collect 100 items or use the number 100 for math concepts. Each is a way to celebrate this day. The 100th day has endless possible activities from crafts to various 100th day of school projects.

Explore these to make the very most out of this milestone in your homeschool, and for some great 100th day of school ideas.If you enjoy making crafty things, then consider incorporating some easy 100th day of school crafts to make with your kids.

25 Easy 100th Day of School Shirt Ideas (2)

One 100th day of school project that can be done every school year is making easy 100 days of school shirts or t-shirts. You can also get together with your homeschool mom friends and make teacher t-shirts!

Using fabric paint and glue for pom-poms or googly eyes are just a few ideas for 100 things to put on a shirt.

Some supplies to consider: hot glue gun, transfer paper, and a piece of cardboard (to put your t shirt around for a hard, flat surface). You could also purchase some tie dye if you don’t mind the mess!

Inspiration for Simple 100th Day of School T-Shirts – These great ideas for t-shirts to make on your hundred days of school. These are super simple for younger ages to any older student.

Easy 100 items 100 Days Shirt Ideas – You can task your kiddos to make a shirt with 100 things on this day. They can choose which to do and this articles shares some ideas like 100 Days Flew By or “Orange” You Glad We Made It 100 Days?!

20 Coolest 100 Days of School Shirt Ideas – I say the coolest because this source has one of my favorite 100 days shirt ideas. I love the I Survived 100 Days of School t-shirt stacked with 100 different types of Band-Aids. My son probably has used to close to that amount already.

T-Shirt Ideas for 100 Days of School – Check out these 8 images to give you a great place to start making memorable 100th day t-shirts for this special day. Check out the light bulb decorations for 100 days brighter.

White T-Shirt Decoration Ideas for 100 Days of School – Grab a simple white t-shirt to make the very best 100 days of school tshirt. Some of these ideas are gluing 100 popcorn kernels, drawing 100 spiders, drawing 100 butterflies, and more.

More Easy 100 Day of School Shirt Ideas:

Simple Ideas for Fun 100th Day of School Shirts (and Aprons) – Your t-shirts don’t have to be extravagant or complicated. Make a Thumbs up! I am a 100 Days Smarter, all your kids need is fabric paint and a thumbprint.

100 of Something School Shirt Ideas – These 100-of-something shirt ideas will give your kids some ideas of what to do for the 100 days. From thumbprint balloons for an Up, Up, and Away… it’s the 100th Day! theme to sunflower theme T’s, see what your kids come up with.

100 Day T-Shirt Ideas using LEGOs, Plastic Coins, and More – We’ve LEGO of 100 Days of School, 100 Days Crushed (Monster Truck theme) is a saying on t-shirts for 100 days of school shirt. Another saying is100 Days and Counting to use plastic coins with.

T-Shirt Beads and Pins Decoration and More – This t-shirt decoration is a great craft idea for kids. Get colorful beads to place on safety pins, then string them onto the t-shirt.

Hand Print and Color Safety Pin T-Shirt Ideas and More – These t-shirt ideas for the hundred days of school are cool. The colored safety pin shirts help kids be creative with their designs. The Hands-Down I Am 100 Days Smarter student t-shirt idea is colorful and fun with a hands-on activity.

Great Ideas for a Themed 100 Day of School T-Shirt:

Gumball Machine 100th Day of School Shirt – These step-by-step directions will help you make a simple yet super adorable shirt. Grab some do-a-dots, a plastic plate felt material, and you’re almost there.

Tally Mark 100 Day T-Shirt Idea – Your kids can follow these directions to iron-on special t-shirt tally marks or to use fabric markers or paint to make 100 tally marks. This T is a great idea.

100 Days of School Just Flew By Shirt – You can find massive amounts of colorful feathers for super cheap at the local dollar store or craft shop. Add 100 to t-shirts for a super cool feather-themed T.

Brighter Days 100 Day Celebration T-Shirt – Looking for a shirt to brighten up the day? This brighter idea for a t-shirt is super simple and will lighten up the mood for your 100 days of school.

DIY 100 Days of School Dot Marker Ten Frame Shirt – This 100-day t-shirt idea is super simple, but it gets the job done and in a fun way. Kids can make a ten frame outlined by a ruler and add dots to each frame adding up to 100.

100th Day of School Shirt Ideas for Girls:

100 Sweet Days T-Shirts – This adorable t-shirt is perfect for a simple 100 days of school shirt project. All you need is some fabric markers or paint to spell out 100 Sweet Days. Then kids can stamp tiny cupcakes a hundred times or make 99 stamps and one large one.

Simple Jewels 100th Day Shirt for Girls – In only 15 minutes your girl can have 100 jewels glued onto their 100th day of school t-shirt. This is great for girls who love sparkly things.

100 Days of Blooming Girl Shirts – Grab some simple coin-size flowers at your local craft store to make this precious flower shirt at home. Your girls can pick any flowers they would like. This guide shows daisies that look adorable on the bright green t-shirt.

Hearts 100th Day of Love Shirt – This adorable 100th day of school hearts t-shirt will emphasize how much love you all have. Love surely helped your family through your first hundred days.

100 Days Brighter Gems and Puff Paint Shirt – Your kids will sparkle and shine their way to 100 days of school with this sparkly T. Yoru kids can make this assorted rhinestone gems and jewels t-shirt craft to show they are a 100 Days Brighter.

100th Day of School Shirt Ideas for Boys:

Printable Iron on Transfer Art Idea for 100 Days of School – … and yes, this shirt is all about BUGS. This is a “Bugging My Teacher for 100 Days!” shirt for your sweet bug lovers at home.

Having a Ball for 100 Days Shirt Idea – This t-shirt is a great way for boys to count and using their favorite sport ball stickers. I really like the idea of doing this one on a bright yellow t-shirt. Why not right?

Minecraft Creepin’ My Way to 100 Days Shirt – This shirt is shared by Today’s Creative Ideas. Your Minecraft lovers will enjoy making this DIY t-shirt with 100 felt squares to make the coolest Minecraft shirt for the 100 days of school.

100 Eyed Monster Shirt – Your adorable little monsters will enjoy this adorable 100-eyed monster shirt. Can you believe it is already 100 days?!

“Eye” Am 100 Days Smarter T-Shirt – Take your craft googly eyes to a different level with this great idea for a boy’s t-shirt. Use some blue and green puff paint and fabric glue to get this shirt ready for their hundredth day of school.

100th Day of School Fun

From 1st graders through elementary school and high school, kids of all ages will enjoy making their very own shirts for the 100th-day t-shirts.

I will just be honest with you here. Time flies and it’s worth celebrating milestones throughout your homeschool journeys. Remember also, that the very best part of celebrating the 100th day of school is that it’s totally FUN! Happy 100th Day of School!

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25 Easy 100th Day of School Shirt Ideas (4)

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Understanding the 100 Days of School Celebration

The 100 days of school celebration is a significant milestone for homeschooling families and conventional schools alike. It marks the 100th day of the academic year and serves as a time for reflection and celebration. The celebration involves various activities and projects that engage students and parents in creative and educational ways.

Significance of the 100th Day of School: The 100th day of school is a big deal for several reasons:

  1. Milestone Appreciation: It serves as a milestone for parents and homeschoolers to reflect on the progress made during the academic year.
  2. Fun for Kids: It provides a fun and random time for kids to celebrate, allowing them to engage in a variety of enjoyable activities.
  3. Educational Opportunities: It offers opportunities for unit study lessons that incorporate various subjects, including math, history, and creative arts.

Educational Concepts and Activities for the 100th Day of School

The 100th day of school celebration presents a unique opportunity to incorporate educational concepts into fun and engaging activities. Here are some key concepts and activities associated with the 100 days of school celebration:

  1. Unit Study Lessons: The celebration allows for the incorporation of various subjects, such as math, history, and literature, into unit study lessons. This provides a holistic approach to learning and encourages interdisciplinary connections [[1]].

  2. Math Concepts: The 100th day of school provides an ideal occasion to explore math concepts, such as counting to 100, using 100 in different mathematical operations, and engaging in activities related to the number 100 [[2]].

  3. History Exploration: Students can learn about historical events and figures related to the number 100, such as the President from 100 years ago, to gain a deeper understanding of historical timelines [[3]].

  4. Creative Arts: The celebration offers opportunities for creative expression through crafting, including making 100th day of school shirts, creating art projects with 100 items, and incorporating themes related to the number 100 [[4]].

100th Day of School Shirt Ideas

One popular activity associated with the 100th day of school celebration is the creation of special shirts. These shirts often feature 100 items or designs related to the milestone. Here are some creative ideas for 100th day of school shirts:

  • Simple Shirt Decorations: Ideas for simple and fun shirt decorations, such as using fabric paint, pom-poms, tie-dye, and transfer paper to create unique designs [[5]].

  • 100 Items Shirt Ideas: Suggestions for creating shirts with 100 items, such as 100 Days Flew By or themes like "Orange" You Glad We Made It 100 Days?! [[6]].

  • Themed Shirt Ideas: Creative themes for shirts, including using LEGO, plastic coins, beads, safety pins, and handprints to design unique and memorable 100th day of school shirts [[7]].

  • Gender-Specific Shirt Ideas: Ideas tailored for girls and boys, featuring designs such as jewels, tally marks, Minecraft themes, and colorful feathers [[8]].


The 100 days of school celebration is a significant event for homeschooling families, offering a blend of educational exploration and creative expression. Through unit study lessons, math concepts, historical exploration, and crafting activities, students can engage in a holistic and enjoyable learning experience. The creation of 100th day of school shirts provides a fun and memorable way to mark this milestone in the academic year.

25 Easy 100th Day of School Shirt Ideas (2024)
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