35 Fun Dr Seuss Crafts for Preschoolers (PreK-2) - Little Learning Corner (2024)

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  • 1 Dr. Seuss Character Crafts
  • 2 Oh The Places You’ll Go Crafts
  • 3 Green Eggs and Ham Crafts
  • 4 Horton Hears a Who Crafts
  • 5 One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Crafts
  • 6 The Lorax Crafts
  • 7 Popular Dr. Seuss Books

Are you looking for a fun post to get ideas for Dr Seuss crafts for preschoolers through second grade? If so, you’ve come to the right spot!

The Dr. Seuss library is a staple in any school or home with children. The books are beautifully illustrated and the storylines and characters are quirky enough to get any young child interested. The repetitive words and rhymes make these stories are fun for kids of all ages.

Children of all ages can follow the plot as they move through the story. The illustrations are simple, yet detailed enough to allow any reader easy access to the storyline. The best part about these books? Most of them have an easy to understand, but important truth or meaning threaded throughout the pages. With these books, children can learn much more than how to rhyme.

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For these reasons, schools love celebrating Dr. Seuss books. Some schools may have their own week set aside for the author and the books. However, Read Across America Day is in March and most schools use that day and week to celebrate this well-know author.

Dr. Seuss’s birthday is March 2nd . Schools will have celebrations, dress-up days, activities, special guests, and interesting people come in to read the students a classic book in the library. Teachers (and parents!) are often looking for fun crafts and activities for students to complete during these Dr. Seuss themed days. Here is an easy to follow list offering up some fun Dr. Seuss crafts to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss.

Dr. Seuss Character Crafts

If you are wanting to stick to a few classic characters, here are a few crafts ready to go. Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 are some of the most notable characters. If your school has special dress up days, these characters make perfect costumes and are easily recognizable!

  • Toilet Paper Roll Thing 1 and Thing 2: Two classic Dr. Seuss Characters and many Dr Seuss fan’s first and favorite book. This craft lets you reuse finished toilet paper rolls. For the hair, children get to make a blue handprint with paint. Everyone loves a handprint craft for keepsakes! Super simple and great for pretend and dramatic play!
  • Dr. Seuss Character Headbands:Any grade through second grade loves getting to dress up at school or home. It makes the day special. These character headbands allow them to choose a character, and sport it around the rest of the day!
  • Cat in the Hat Painting: This craft lets students get creative and paint one of the most well-known symbols of the Dr. Seuss universe. Young children will have so much fun with this one.

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If your kiddos love The Cat in the Hat, read this My Funny Cat poem with them, and see if they can make the reference to their favorite character.

35 Fun Dr Seuss Crafts for Preschoolers (PreK-2) - Little Learning Corner (3)

Get My Funny Cat poem, HERE or on TPT

Oh The Places You’ll Go Crafts

This book may be a favorite of parents more often than a favorite of students, but that doesn’t matter! It is a great book and has an incredible and meaningful message about how exciting the future can be.

  • Hot Air Balloon Craft: This hot air balloon craft is a great way to get children thinking and excited about the future. That is what this book is all about. This craft lets them create something with their hands and gets them talking about what they would like to see happen in their future.
  • Felt Balloon Craft: Balloons and hot air balloons are one of the most common images in this book. This simple craft allows students to make a balloon of their own that could take them anywhere.
  • Oh The Places You’ll Go Cupcakes:These cupcakes may look best if completed by an adult, but they are a fun way to make a snack. Students and children will love trying to stack the different icing flavors on top of one another. They’re supposed to look like the mountains and hills from the story!
  • Hand Print Balloon:Handprint crafts are a great way to make something for parents, grandparents, and guardians. Children around this age love crafts where they can get their hands a little dirty.
  • Suitcase Craft:Children will love working on this craft and making a suitcase for their travels. Then, they will love talking and writing about where they are going and what they will bring.

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Green Eggs and Ham Crafts

Some classes and schools will make actual green eggs and green ham while this book is being read. If your school is opting out of that, there are still amazing crafts that let students make their own (inedible) green eggs and ham!

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Horton Hears a Who Crafts

This story has one primary character and a bunch of tiny secondary ones. All of the crafts listed here are Horton centered.

  • Horton Puppet:This super simple Horton paper bag puppet will have your students pretend playing all afternoon! They can use these to act out memorable scenes from the book. The Horton character comes with a downloadable template you print out.
  • Handprint Horton:This handprint Horton is great for young children and a perfect item for parent’s to put away as a keepsake. It comes with a free printable craft template for Horton.
  • Styrofoam Cup Horton:Have extra Styrofoam cups leftover from a class party? Use them to make this adorable 3-D version of your favorite Dr. Suess Character!
  • Paper Plate Horton:This simple paper plate craft is perfect for all ages, especially your young kids. Since I make paper plate crafts for nearly all holidays, I like to buy them in bulk on Amazon or at Costco.
  • Handprint and Pom Pom Horton :An adorable and simple way to personalize the main character from Horton Hears a Who.
  • Egg Carton Horton:Reuse your empty egg cartons for this unique Horton craft! Kids love showing off their favorite characters.

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One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Crafts

Often one of the first Dr. Suess books read by a child, this one is perfect to begin understanding numbers. There are so many cute crafts that go well with this one.

  • Cupcake Liner Fish:This great craft is incredibly simple and a perfect preschool craft. Your students and children will love getting to create this underwater scene.
  • Handprint Fish Puppets:A puppet and handprint craft? Paint on hands is a great way to get children excited about craft time and puppets are perfect for pretend play afterwards.
  • Goldfish Craft:This one lets you cover two activities at once! Snack time and craft time! Simple materials, an easy craft, and a tasty treat is a win for all!
  • Fishbowl Craft:This fishbowl craft is tons of fun and you get to make your own paint! The paint made from corn syrup gives the water in the fishbowl a cool, slightly off-the-page texture!
  • Paperplate Fishbowl:A quick, easy paper plate craft that goes perfect with this classic story book.

35 Fun Dr Seuss Crafts for Preschoolers (PreK-2) - Little Learning Corner (7)

The Lorax Crafts

The Lorax has a strong underlying message, but the characters are just as interesting. Truffula Trees are an easy and memorable Dr. Seuss craft for preschool through second grade!

  • Cupcake Liner Lorax: Cupcake liners are so versatile! This lorax craft is simple and lets students make their own version of their favorite Dr. Seuss character!
  • Lorax Handprint:You can make a handprint into nearly anything. This hand print craft of the Lorax is adorable, super simple to make, and will capture those little hands forever.
  • Puff Paint Trees and Fingerprint Lorax:Students will love getting to use different materials to make this scene from the book. This one uses a fingerprint instead of a handprint for slightly less mess!
  • Tissue Paper Truffula Trees:These Truffula Trees are an important part of The Lorax story! These are made from tissue paper and popsicle sticks. It’s a quick craft with easily accessible materials that builds fine motor skills.
  • Lorax Mask:Pretend play is always a favorite. Let your students act out scenes from the book with this handmade mask!
  • Cotton Ball Truffula Trees:These Truffula Trees use straws as the base, but if you have pencils available, you could make them Truffula Tree pencils instead

35 Fun Dr Seuss Crafts for Preschoolers (PreK-2) - Little Learning Corner (8)

Popular Dr. Seuss Books

The fun Dr. Seuss crafts mentioned above are based on some of the most popular books for kids. Younger kids love art projects and fun ideas to highlight their favorite Dr. Seuss character.

Here are a list of books great for the entire family to have lots of fun reading together, or for your classroom during Read Across America Week.

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Dr Seuss Crafts for Preschoolers

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In the article you mentioned, "Dr. Seuss Character Crafts," "Oh The Places You’ll Go Crafts," "Green Eggs and Ham Crafts," "Horton Hears a Who Crafts," "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Crafts," "The Lorax Crafts," and "Popular Dr. Seuss Books" are discussed. Let's explore each of these concepts in more detail.

Dr. Seuss Character Crafts

The article suggests several crafts related to classic Dr. Seuss characters such as the Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2. One craft idea is creating Toilet Paper Roll Thing 1 and Thing 2 characters by reusing finished toilet paper rolls and making a blue handprint for their hair. Another craft idea is making Dr. Seuss Character Headbands that allow children to choose a character and wear it throughout the day. Additionally, there is a suggestion to paint a Cat in the Hat symbol, which is a well-known image from the Dr. Seuss universe.

Oh The Places You’ll Go Crafts

The article highlights crafts related to the book "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" which is known for its message about the excitement of the future. One craft idea is creating a Hot Air Balloon Craft to get children thinking and excited about their future. Another craft idea is making a Felt Balloon Craft that allows students to create their own balloon. The article also suggests making Oh The Places You’ll Go Cupcakes that resemble the mountains and hills from the story.

Green Eggs and Ham Crafts

For the book "Green Eggs and Ham," the article provides various craft ideas. One suggestion is making Paper Plate Green Eggs and Ham by using paper plates to create a craft alternative to actual green eggs and ham. Another craft idea is the Fizzy Green Eggs Experiment, which involves a fun and educational experiment with green fizz. The article also suggests making Matching Green Yolk Shapes, a craft that combines the green eggs theme with shape practice.

Horton Hears a Who Crafts

The article offers crafts centered around the character Horton from the book "Horton Hears a Who." One craft idea is making a Horton Puppet using a paper bag, allowing students to act out scenes from the book. Another craft suggestion is creating a Handprint Horton as a keepsake. The article also mentions making a Styrofoam Cup Horton and a Paper Plate Horton as simple crafts suitable for all ages.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Crafts

The article provides craft ideas related to the book "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish," which helps children understand numbers. One craft suggestion is making Cupcake Liner Fish, a simple and preschool-friendly craft. Another idea is creating Handprint Fish Puppets by painting hands to make puppets for pretend play. The article also suggests making a Goldfish Craft that combines snack time and craft time.

The Lorax Crafts

Crafts related to "The Lorax" book are also mentioned in the article. One craft idea is making a Cupcake Liner Lorax using cupcake liners to create a craft version of the character. Another suggestion is creating a Lorax Handprint craft, which captures the handprints of children. The article also mentions making Puff Paint Trees and Fingerprint Lorax and Tissue Paper Truffula Trees crafts.

Popular Dr. Seuss Books

The article concludes by mentioning some popular Dr. Seuss books that are great for reading together or using in the classroom. Some of the mentioned books include "Oh, The Places You'll Go!," "One Fish Two Fish," "Fox in Socks," "Put Me In the Zoo," "The Cat in the Hat," "The ABC Book," "There’s No Place Like Space," "Green Eggs and Ham," and "Happy Birthday to Me!"

Please note that the information provided above is a summary of the concepts discussed in the article you mentioned. If you need more detailed information or specific instructions for the crafts, please let me know, and I'll be happy to assist you further.

35 Fun Dr Seuss Crafts for Preschoolers (PreK-2) - Little Learning Corner (2024)
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