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Step 3 may be my favorite recipe instruction ever.


This is almost my mother's banana pudding minus a crucial step: Chill the custard first (same day in ice bath, or overnight) or you get soggy cookies and yucky bananas. Proceed with the meringue, which Mommy didn't precook. 1 Tbl sugar/egg white is fine. Sprinkle with nutmeg, bake at 425 5-7 minutes. Your goal is only to brown the meringue, not heat through.

Whipped cream is delicious in addition to, but never in lieu of the meringue. Bourbon splash sounds really tasty.


This is a Southern recipe, not for Yankees. We like it soggy. The vanilla wafers need to merge in with the bananas. That's why they call it pudding, not cake!

Linda Harbert

My mother added a shot of bourbon to her banana pudding. It was the worlds best. try it!


You have got to be kidding? Jello Vanilla Pudding???? no thank you. Old fashioned is the only way to go. We let the pudding cool a bit before putting over the cookies and bananas so they are not brown. Always wonderful!!! A family favorite, cooked the old fashioned way for 4 generations! You would be thrown out of our house if you ever mentioned Jello Vanilla Pudding!


Grew up in Georgia eating banana pudding and the best part was 'just out of the oven' as the warmed bananas started to caramelize. I hate Magnolia Bakery Pudding which is... cold whipped pudding and whipped cream and nilla wafers-boring. I don't think anyone I knew growing up thought pudding-soaked cookies were gross, for us it's more a soaked cake texture like a trifle or tiramisu--the cookies becoming soft and cakey are appealing, and no one minds the weeping either.

Smart Betty

Save yourself the trouble and stick with the Magnolia Bakery recipe. Hands down the best church-basem*nt icebox dessert this (or that) side of the Mississippi. Can I get an "Amen"?


Very close to my Savannah grandmother's recipe, but she made 3 layers of Nilla wafers, bananas, and pudding. Many have trouble with the pudding. Usually it's high heat and impatience. Use low medium, stir constantly, and don't leave it. Get a stool.As for the the Magnolia Bakery recipe: Neither an instant pudding recipe nor Cool Whip meringue is acceptable. It would be like stopping at the convenience store for one's family reunion potluck contribution. Shows no love.


Yes, we southerners like it creamy. Make layers of vanilla wafers and bananas--usually 3 layers--in a round dish, not a 9x13.....then you get lots more cookies covered in pudding....that's the goal!!! If you go with meringue, rather than whipped cream, then put it under the broiler for a bit to brown it so that the whole pudding doesn't bake!


Come on people. A little chuckle never hurts anyone, even the depressed.


Here the secret to Banana pudding and having fresh bananas. "Jello vanilla pudding " there is no cooking, when you need to toast the meringue use a cooking torch instead that's all. From there put in Fridg to cool and nothing falls, or is soggy its fresh. Yummy


Poorly-conceived banana pudding recipe. Believe the writer when he says it weeps when sitting--it actually weeps a LOT and everything gets soggy within 45 min of removing from the oven. Yet it must cool before serving because who eats this hot? Plus the bananas end up cooked as the meringue browns, becoming shriveled and gray, with a strange spongy texture.Next time I will look for a recipe that involves fresh, uncooked bananas and perhaps freshly whipped cream instead of a soggy baked meringue.


Alternative to precooking meringue while avoiding salmonella: liquid pasteurized egg whites. We buy at TJ or WF. They whip well in my stand mixer.

Caveat: read fine print. Some say "not for whipping"; these tend to be cheaper, more liquidy, nutrition label indicates a much higher volume to equal nutritional content of a single egg.

Salmonella's instant kill temp is 165 F. Please protect your guests. You don't know all who are pregnant, on RA meds, in cancer treatment.

Scott Leete

In my mind, this is the ONLY TRUE banana pudding! Make sure to allow the custard to cool a little before pouring over the bananas or it can make them bitter. Also, make sure to use bananas that have ripened. Also, don't settle for just a single layer of bananas and wafers. Also, my family suggests a double batch of the custard.

Martha C.

I know it is not traditional, so don't freak out. Our family prefers banana pudding with gingersnaps rather than Nilla wafers. Our favorite brand to use is probably the store brand from Whole Paycheck, because those cookies have a zippy ginger bite to them. The ginger complements the banana in a delightful way.

Cindy Eakin

Observations, too sweet, particularly the meringue. The idea of 1 Tbl/egg seems about right. Custard also a bit on the sweet side. I doubled the vanilla. I never think recipes include enough.If you have a stand mixer, you do not need to beat the egg whites for 5-7 min. Three min is probably enough.

E. B.

I've done vanilla pudding from scratch before, and this recipe hits most of the needed steps... except that the entry "until it starts to bubble" doesn't describe where you need to be with the level of heat/completeness of the mix. An older recipe I have says that the mix should be boiling rapidly, and showing signs of thickening before it is removed from the heat. Following the recipe here did not yield a pudding that solidified enough. Also, I recommend using a double boiler.


Practically perfect. A shot of bourbon or Licor43 + several layers of bananas and wafers take this to the moon. For those complaining of soggy cookies... That's the entire point of the dish, crumble the leftovers over the top. I do think letting your pudding cool to lukewarm is key and I sieved mine (even though it was already smooth) for a lighter texture. I think in a 9" x 13" you need 6 bananas and the entire box of cookies and 1.5x the custard to meet the standard set by my Granny.


Frequent comment reader, first time poster :). I made this for a NYE gathering as it seemed on theme, and attempted to serve out of the oven after cooling. It was basically vanilla cream soup with bananas, wafers and meringue. Is there a chill step that is obvious to everyone else and I completely missed? I cooked the pudding low and slow, following the time and temp suggestions. I did notice that the pudding was thinner than I would have expected, not coating the back of the spoon.


Is this something I could Make in advance?


Banana soup! We still ate a goodly portion of it, because the flavor was yummy, but it was a liquidy mess. I made as directed, but I’m guessing I should have cooked the custard a lot longer. I had my doubts about it when it was still liquid, but I didn’t know if it would thicken up in the oven.

Frank O.

Of course the meringue weeps, if it's spread over cold pudding. That's why meringue pies put the meringue over hot filling. It cooks the underside of the meringue. Go with the possibility of "cooked" bananas, or top with whipped cream.

Jackson Phelps

What is not to love, mine turned out perfectly - followed each step and enjoyed the process. Tasty beyond description!


My son added nutmeg and lemon, added notes of warmth and brightness.


Used a deeper oven-proof bowl rather than 9x13, added a tbsp of bourbon to pudding, and did 2 layers of nilla wafer-banana-pudding as others suggested. Didn't have cream of tartar so added 2 tsp of lemon juice to the meringue instead. Did not pre-heat the meringue and just toasted it under the broiler for 2 mins; actually burnt it a bit, but it this hurt it more aesthetically than taste-wise because it was *chefs kiss* delicious. No issues with seepage or wateriness. Not bad for a first attempt!


Read the other notes! Esp keep heat low and stir constantly

Eileen Davis

Vanilla wafers can be both: mushy and crisp. After layer of wafers, banana, and pudding, add wafers on the side, pushing down along the side, in the pudding.


And if the depression hits really hard in step 3, also reserve a bit of the custard for dipping. :)


Add 11/2 tesdpoons vanilla


Almost like my mom's except we never had meringue on top - my dad hated meringue and anything with whipped egg whites. Instead, she folded the stiff egg whites into the cooked custard to hide them from my dad. The heat from the custard cooked the egg whites and the result was the lightest, most delicious banana pudding ever made. And my dad LOVED it!

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Banana Pudding Recipe (2024)
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