Best Things To Do In This Week In Los Angeles And Southern California: May 28 - 30 (2024)

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Hopefully the long weekend gave you an opportunity to relax and recharge because summer is just getting going and the events calendar is filling up – and Hollywood Bowl season hasn’t even really started yet!

We are so lucky to have amazing art happening in L.A. this summer and the Mickalene Thomas show at The Broad caps off a week of big openings that will keep art lovers occupied (and air-conditioned) as the summer heats up. Plus, Australian ingenue Imogen Clark plays the Hotel Cafe, two chocolate experts share their love of cacao at the Natural History Museum, the L.A. library conversations about AI continue, and Lucha VaVoom is back at the Mayan.

For more to explore, visit, where you can dig into an exhibit about film star Anna May Wong, remember Porto’s patriarch Raul Porto, and learn more about the parks of Irvine, which ranked number four in the country for access and equity.


  • Wednesday, May 29, 2024 at 7:00 PM

    Imogen Clark

    • The Hotel Cafe
      1623 N Cahuenga Blvd. , Hollywood

    Cost: $10 ; More Info

    Imogen Clark attends the 2023 APRA Music Awards in Sydney, Australia.


    Lisa Maree Williams


    Getty Images


    Australian indie singer-songwriter Imogen Clark comes to The Hotel Café in support of her latest album, The Art of Getting Through. A soulful set of songs about "shouldering the weight of life’s baggage and powering forward," her single, "The Noise" was named a best pick by Rolling Stone Australia.

  • Thursday, May 30, 2024 at 6:00 PM

    Chocolate Talk + Tasting

    • Natural History Museum of Los Angeles
      900 W. Exposition Blvd., Exposition Park

    Cost: $20 ; More Info



    Tamas Pap/Unsplash



    You had us at chocolate. The Natural History Museum is hosting a chocolate tasting and history lesson from the expert chocolatiers at Sad Girl Creamery and Albert’s Petite Sweets. Featured in the digital series ChocoLAte: From Beans to Bliss, SueEllen Mancini and Albert Daniel will talk about their love of the cacao bean and its meaning to their careers and lives in Los Angeles with Milena Acosta, Associate Director of Community Engagement at NHM.

  • May 25, 2024 through September 29, 2024

    Mickalene Thomas at The Broad

    • The Broad Museum
      221 S. Grand Ave., Downtown L.A.

    Cost: $22, free on Thursdays with RSVP ; More Info

    Mickalene Thomas attends as The Broad and Dior Celebrate 'Mickalene Thomas: All About Love Exhibition' opening at The Broad in 2024.


    Charley Gallay


    Getty Images for the Broad


    The much-anticipated Mickalene Thomas show All About Love opens at The Broad this week. You have all summer to get downtown and explore the celebrated artist’s unique take on Black femininity and power in 80 pieces of her work created over the past 20 years. Thomas uses collage and a big-scale approach in her art (well-suited to The Broad’s massive space) in pieces like the twelve-foot-wide I’m Feelin Good (2014).

  • May 9, 2024 through June 8, 2024

    'Topsy Turvy'

    • The Actor’s Gang Theater
      9070 Venice Blvd., Culver City

    Cost: Pay-what-you-can Thursdays or $35 ; More Info


    Courtesy of The Actor's Gang Theater



    The Actor’s Gang takes on the Greek chorus in the new show, Topsy Turvy. Tim Robbins wrote, composed and directed what he calls a “musical Greek Vaudeville” that takes a stab at our pandemic and post-pandemic lives by following a Greek chorus disrupted by a mystery illness and their path back to harmony. Not to be confused with the 1999 Mike Leigh movie Topsy-Turvy about Gilbert and Sullivan (no? Just us? Worth streaming it!). Robbins hosts a Q&A following Friday performances; Thursdays are pay-what-you-can.

  • Thursday, May 30, 2024 at 7:00 PM

    'ALOUD on Ideas | Decoding Bias: AI's Role in Public Service'

    • Los Angeles Central Library
      630 W. 5th St., Downtown L.A.

    Cost: Free ; More Info


    D Koi




    The third talk in a series about our relationship with AI at the Central Library geared toward teens and adults, this evening is focused on how AI and bias in AI affect law enforcement, healthcare, government, and education. Dr. Avriel Epps brings together scholars in the space including health informatics researcher Charles Senteio and NYU professor Meredith Broussard.

  • May 29, 2024 through May 30, 2024

    Lucha VaVoom De La Liz

    • The Mayan Theatre
      1038 S. Hill St., Downtown L.A.

    Cost: $65 ; More Info


    Courtesy of Lucha VaVoom de La Liz



    Lucha VaVoom’s latest show, Welcome to Tijuana, has more wrestling, more burlesque, more aerialists, and more, well, va va voom in store. The popular lucha libre-slash-comedy show returns for two nights at The Mayan. Featuring Mexican wrestling stars Rey Horus, Magno “The Man Mountain” Rudo, Extreme Tiger, Vegas’ Black Swan, and more as well as burlesque stars like Emma Vauxdevil and Ruby Champagne, the night is hosted by comedian Drew Carey and the show’s long-time comedian host Blaine Capatch.

  • Thursday, May 30, 2024 at 7:00 PM

    Cass Sunstein

    • Book Soup
      8818 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood

    Cost: Free ; More Info


    Courtesy of Book Soup



    Could there be a more appropriate book title for certain stereotypical L.A. denizens than Harvard Law professor Cass Sunstein’s latest, How to Become Famous: Lost Einsteins, Forgotten Superstars, and How the Beatles Came to Be? Sunstein looks at why some people “make it” and some don’t based on data analysis and the role of serendipity (spoiler alert: viral TikTok videos have little to do with it). He speaks with actress Sonya Walger (Lost) at Book Soup.

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Viewing Pick

  • May 29, 2024 through June 2, 2024

    LA Latino International Film Festival 2024

    • TCL Chinese 6 (at Ovation Hollywood)
      6801 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood
    • Regal L.A. Live & 4DX
      1000 W. Olympic Blvd., downtown L.A.

    Cost: Single screenings start at $15 ; More Info


    Courtesy of LA LIFF 2024



    From shorts to features, animations to dramas, the L.A. Latino International Film Festival is showing dozens of films highlighting the work of Latino creatives in Hollywood. The fest opens with In the Summers, directed by Alessandra Lacorazza, which won the U.S. Dramatic Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.

Outdoor Pick

  • Wednesday, May 29, 2024 at 6:00 PM

    Wags & Wonder

    Cost: Free, but a refundable $15 RSVP is required ; More Info


    Courtesy of Wondery Outdoors



    Join Wondery’s May hike crew for a special evening summer hike with adoptable dogs from Pup Culture Rescue. The hike will take you near (of course not up to!) the Hollywood sign for great views and a good workout for you and the dogs. There will also be free drinks from Leisure Hydration.

    To discourage no-shows, there's a $15 RSVP fee that will be refunded after the event.

Dine & Drink Deals

  • Tuesday, May 28, 2024 at 5:00 PM

    Taste of South Pasadena

    • The heart of South Pasadena
      Fair Oaks Ave. and Mission St., South Pasadena

    Cost: $20 - $90 ; More Info


    Rotary Club of South Pasadena



    Wine and food samples from dozens of local restaurants and eateries will be featured at this fun annual outdoor South Pasadena community event. Pets and kids welcome!

  • May 28, 2024 through May 30, 2024

    New Menu At Strong Water Anaheim

    • Strong Water Anaheim
      270 S. Clementine Blvd., Anaheim

    Cost: Varies ; More Info


    James Tran and Vee for Strong Water Anaheim



    Orange County 2024 James Beard Award Finalist and tropical tiki bar Strong Water Anaheim has a new menu. Head south to check out drinks like the Corn & Oil or the Black Sesame Colada and fusion dishes like the Brie Cheese Katsu.

  • Thursday, May 30, 2024 at 5:00 PM

    Connie And Ted's x Bridgetown Roti

    • Connie and Ted's
      8171 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood

    Cost: $125 ; More Info


    Courtesy of Connie & Ted's



    Chef Rashida Holmes of popular pop-up Bridgetown Roti is opening her own brick-and-mortar spot in L.A. soon, but in the meantime, join the James Beard Award semifinalist at Connie and Ted’s in WeHo for a special menu featuring items like plantain panzanella and soft shell crab with aloo curry.

What questions do you have about Southern California?

Best Things To Do In This Week In Los Angeles And Southern California: May 28 - 30 (2024)
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