Free 100th Day of School SVG Designs - My Designs In the Chaos (2024)

Time flies when you are having fun! Grab these free 100th day of school svg designs to and celebrate this school year milestone in style!

It feels like just yesterday we were gearing up for the first day of school. Now here we are almost on the 100th day! It seems like it flies by faster and faster each year. Today we have 6 free 100th day of school SVG designs to share with you.

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These files are 100% free for personal or commercial use up to 200 uses and only if you are making the item in-house. We don’t allow any print on demand (Printful, Amazon Merch Red Bubble, etc.) or distribution of the digital file itself. If you know someone who would love this file please feel free to send them the link so they can download it for themselves.


OK, now let’s dig into the fun 100th Day of School SVG Designs!


This 100th day of school svg design is great for a boy, girl, or even a teacher. It reminds me of the movie UP. Make sure to use heat transfer vinylif you are putting the design on a shirt. Check out all the various types of vinyl and when to use what over on this posthere.

I can already envision how cute the balloons would be in glitter! Sometimes schools want you to have 100 of an item on a shirt and that would be adorable with this design. Just take the balloons and in your design software copy and paste to add more. You could even add actual balloons to give it a 3-D effect!

It’s also fun to add your own touches to the shirt. Put the school name or grade level on the bottom or even add initials on the balloons. This would also be a great design to use some patterned Heat Transfer. It would really give those balloons some depth. Most importantly have fun!

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Free 100th Day of School SVG Designs - My Designs In the Chaos (3)


Sometimes when designing I just can’t decide on one layout. This was one of those times so I went ahead and included both in the downloadable folder at the bottom of the post. Which one of the two designs is your favorite?

This design has several colors of heat transfer vinyl and at first, that can feel a little intimidating. We have shared a simple way to make 100% certain that everything is lined up perfectly hereand centered on your shirt here.

If your little one is more into sports we have this baseball version and basketball version too! They are both super popular!

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Free 100th Day of School SVG Designs - My Designs In the Chaos (5)
Free 100th Day of School SVG Designs - My Designs In the Chaos (6)


Since Valentine’s Day and 100 days of school are usually pretty close in season it is only appropriate to give it a great big kiss! This design is another one that would look awesome with glitter HTV or even flocked! Make sure though if you are using the flocked to peel once it is cool. I found this out when I was doing a FB live making these adorable socks. Now I will never forget it!

I can see like the balloons adding in 100 of those little lips all over the shirt! You could do all different shades of pink HTV and read to break it up a little bit.

Just open the SVG in your design program and select a set of lips. (you might need to un-group the design first) Once the lips are selected you can copy and paste as many times as you need.

Free 100th Day of School SVG Designs - My Designs In the Chaos (7)


Teachers need a cute 100-day school shirt too right?! This one has a matching design for a student to wear too! Check out the student versionhere. My son designed the student version (all the way down to the fonts) and he wore it for his Kindergarten 100th day celebration.

I love the look of these on raglan shirts. They really help to make the words pop in the design!

Free 100th Day of School SVG Designs - My Designs In the Chaos (8)
Free 100th Day of School SVG Designs - My Designs In the Chaos (9)


This design would be great for teachers or students! Both I know have loved their class in different ways but still love. I also wanted to switch it up a little bit and spell out the one hundred instead of using the numbers 100. It takes a little bit more weeding but flows nicely in the design. (Curious what I mean with weeding then check out this post)

I can totally see you adding in a grade level on the heart to really make it personalized. How cute if a whole teacher team wore them?! Gosh… if you do that make sure to send in a picture or post over in our FB group because that would be adorable!

Free 100th Day of School SVG Designs - My Designs In the Chaos (10)


I saved the best for last. My daughter is now in high school so these fun cutesy girl designs bring back super fun memories. I don’t get to see them in action as much anymore with three little boys but they are still so fun to design! This one is screaming for some metallic HTV, glitter, sparkle, and shine!!

Do you know someone who needs this mer-mazing design? Send them the link to this post!

Free 100th Day of School SVG Designs - My Designs In the Chaos (11)

So which design is your favorite? We have a little bit for everyone because going to school for 100 days deserves a celebration!

We love being able to provide you with high-quality free designs. While we don’t expect anything in return we would absolutely love it if you would take a minute and pin a few images from this post before you download. It helps us to sustain and grow quality-free content. Thank You!

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Club Chaos

Inside of Club Chaos, we release brand new SVG files and project tutorials every single month. If you love the designs here on our blog I am confident you will adore the ones inside the Club! Here is a glimpse at more 100th day of school svg designs inside the membership.In addition to monthly designs and tutorials, you also gain access to fonts, community, and a sisterhood of crafters. Learn more about Club Chaos here.

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100 mermazing days

My students are 100 days brighter

Ive loved my class for one hundred days

I flew through 100 days

Kissing 100 days goodbye

100 days floated by

100 days

Thanks for being here and have a wonderful 100th day of school. We love being able to serve you and until next time happy crafting, cutting, and chaos!

Want to remember this 100th day of school svg files? Pin them for later!

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Free 100th Day of School SVG Designs - My Designs In the Chaos (2024)
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