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Mind ReMapping

“Seek ye first the kingdom beyond the Mind, above everything else, because reality is an Influence and a Will of TIME.”

Mind ReMapping is a discipline for those willing to take paths along roads that are less travelled. These journeys for the most part feel impossible, but as untouched real estates of Time its streets are paved with GOLD.

These are the principles should you wish to enter through the GATEWAY into the Universe beyond the MIND. Life is a class, it is a laboratory of MetaPhysics, so make sure your attention is in full attendance, because now there is “NO MORE TIME FOR CAUTION.”

1. The Mind is an ILLUSION. It is a framework of language which is elusive. Imagination, however, is the only real constant that with every 24hrs needs ReMapping to extract the right perceptions from daily experiences.

2. The Mind if untrained is a language of delusion, unable to discern the right qualities in Imagination, distorting truth by creating both false hope and fears which are not there, leading us down garden paths.

3. Mind is a synthesis that through “9 levels of Consciousness” can be removed so that we can see reality for what it is.

4. To lose your Mind is not madness it is freedom, the irony, is that we are considered sane if we accept its illusion, but the realisation of no mind means to step outside the pretence of its false Matrix which does not correspond with the natural world.

5. The Mind is a LOOP. It simply gives the impression of Thinking as illusions of choice.

6. Lack of money is sometimes a good thing. It draws out the fundamental weakness in the Minds character that until revealed, are its limitations hiding reality behind accepted conventions of excuses and success.

7. We don’t really follow fame, popularity, and status, it is examples of leadership and inspiration that people admire.

8. Creativity is a life test. The discernment of our Thinking is a barometer, where Consciousness instinctively decides the next intuitive step in our species.

9. To lead the Mind, you must be willing first to brave the storms in the face of its denials to give itself up, then its rejection of your ideals, and finally its mockery of influencing you to give up. Eventually, it can be silenced. This is called “the Empty Mind”

10. Fear is not a weakness. Fear is an instinctive and intuitive strength. It emanates from the navel region of the body which has polarities that can be inverted removing illusions of the Mind.

11. Neither fight nor flee from fear, instead, observe, yield and wield it, it is a powerful resonance that can give you strength.

12. We are all addicts, jumping from one stimulus to the next. It doesn’t matter whether the stimuli are drugs or the spoils of high status or recognition, they are the symptoms of the higher self searching for guidance against the firewalls of the Mind which doesn’t want to be found, thus preventing us from finding our truth.

13. Observing the worst versions of ourselves may be a low point in our lives, but we can use this to know the authentic people we want to become.

14. We have unique inner cycles of a Day Mind for worldly concerns, as our visible conscious Earth, and we also have an outer cycle of the vaster Night Mind, which is our invisible extremes of unconsciousness (subconscious) and its hidden Universe.

15. TIME is the only currency that matters, we all have the same 24 hrs and this is as fair as life gets.

These are a few examples of the Akashic Records connected through gateways beyond the Mind. We must first, however, know how to INVERT the ORIENTATIONS of TIME that embrace our consciousness.

Mind ReMapping is a practice of “Quantisation”. Quantisation manifests geometric blueprints of our intentions into harmonious physical realities.

Please view this video: Bashar – “HOW TO REWRITE THE BLUEPRINT OF YOUR EXPERIENCE IN LIFE” (9 levels of consciousness) as prework for the workshops.

REGISTER TODAY and ensure your participation in one or all of the following Mind ReMapping scheduled events:

  1. D0 – Mind Inversion Orientation on June 6th @ 8pm (UK TIME)
  1. D1 – Mind Inversion – Point of Focus on June 7th @ 8pm (UK TIME)
  1. D2 – Mind Inversion – Objectification (Meta Coding) on June 28th @ 8pm (UK TIME)

Kind Regards.

Mind ReMapping.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Mind ReMapping - Quantum Identities & the Gateway Process - ONLINE - CALA (2024)
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