Oakley Fives Squared Sunglasses - The Ultimate Guide (2024)

A complete review of the Oakley Fives Squared Sunglasses with everything to know about this iconic frame!

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Background and History

The first Fives design was released back in 1997. Part of the Lifestyle line, Fives were designed to fit and flatter smaller faces. Over the years, the Oakley Fives line expanded to its current size of six different frames. Each new iteration features new designs, materials, or size alternatives. However across all the variations, the Fives family sticks to designs focused on small heads.

This continues to be true for the ever-popular Oakley Fives Squared. Released in 2008, the Fives Squared changed very little from the Fives 3.0, with only a few slight cosmetic changes. But the design was and continues to be a hit.

Oakley Fives Squared Sunglasses Overview

Frame and Design

Oakley Fives Squared sunglasses feature a full O-Matter frame with a distinct rectangular shape. Like all Fives, the Fives Squared is designed to fit and complement a small face. The frames do not extend out at the sides, creating a rounded, sleek appearance. This is perfect for smaller heads where other sunglasses may jet out and look awkward.

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The ear stems on the Fives Squared are also curved to fit the face. They’re wide near the frame and taper down toward the ear, with a very slight flare at the end. Oakley also took this opportunity to redesign their metal icon in a square shape matching the frames overall look.

In 2013, Oakley updated the Fives Squared to add an unobtanium nosepiece for added grip. This was in response to the glasses sliding when they got sweaty or wet.

It’s also key to note that Fives Squared sunglasses are often marketed to either men or women specifically, but it’s a unisex design. There is no difference between men’s and women’s frames.

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The Oakley Fives Squared sunglasses feature Plutonite lenses that offer impact resistance and XYZ Optics for great clarity. Oakley Fives Squared are available with polarized, iridium coated, and prescription lenses. We’ve also seen the Fives Squared with Prizm lenses through the Exclusive Military Standard Issue Program.

Since there are six different iterations of Oakley Fives, if you’re ordering replacement lenses, be sure they will fit the Fives Squared (both Fives 3.0 and Fives Squared lenses will fit).

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How big are the Fives Squared?

The Fives squared, like the entire Fives line, are specifically designed for smaller faces. If you’re wondering exactly what that means, we’ve included the dimensions of the Fives Squared below for reference

  • Arm: 133mm
  • Bridge: 20mm
  • Lens Width: 54mm
  • Height: 34mm

What Colorways are available?

Colorway (Frame / Lens)Original Price
Brown Smoke / Dark Bronze$80
Brown Tortoise / Bronze Polarized$125
Grey Smoke / Warm Grey$70
Matte Black / Amber Polarized$135
Matte Black / Black Iridium$90
Matte Black / Black Iridium Polarized$150
Matte Black / Grey $90
Matte Black / Grey Polarized $135
Matte White Tiger / Warm Grey$70
Metallic Red / OO Black Iridium Polarized$140
Multicam / Tungsten Iridium Polarized$140
Multicam / Warm Grey$100
Polished Black / Black Iridium Polarized$135
Polished Black / Emerald Iridium$110
Polished Black / Grey$70
Polished Black MLB Edition (Various Teams ) / Black Iridium$100
Polished White / Black Iridium$80
Polished White / Ruby Iridium$100
Rootbeer / Dark Bronze$70

Where to Find Fives Squared For Sale?

You can buy a basic black pair of Oakley Fives Squared sunglasses on the Oakley and Sunglass Hut sites for about $140. These are basic black frames and black lenses, with polarization, iridium, and prescription lenses available.

If you’re looking for more colorways or maybe to save a few dollars, you’ll need to head to the aftermarket. Your best spots to check will be our Oakley Forum Exchange area where members can buy, sell and trade or sites like eBay. However, if you’re shopping on eBay be careful and make sure to know how to spot fakes!

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Final Thoughts

Oakley Fives Squared sunglasses are a longstanding Oakley frame. Designed to fit smaller faces, they’re sleek and modern with enough character to make them stand out a little in the crowd. And let’s face it, that’s exactly what they were designed to do. The Fives Squared are not meant to stand out like the Over The Top or Mars. They are just an all around classic, great pair for smaller heads.

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Oakley Fives Squared Sunglasses - The Ultimate Guide (2024)
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