THE 10 BEST Things to Do & Activities in Los Angeles, CA | Eventbrite (2024)

THE 10 BEST Things to Do & Activities in Los Angeles, CA | Eventbrite (1)

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Go beyond LA's iconic beaches and Hollywood sign. Immerse yourself in Los Angeles' diverse culture, with live concerts in Echo Park, art exhibits in Silver Lake, or unique pop-up markets in Venice. Discover the hidden gems of Los Angeles with an array of comedy shows, festivals, and more. Experience the city like never before, with every day offering a new adventure.

THE 10 BEST Things to Do & Activities in Los Angeles, CA | Eventbrite (2)

Page art courtesy of Tuesday Bassen

Los Angeles's top activities

Your plans, made easy. Check out Los Angeles's most popular things to do.

Ways to Tour Los Angeles

Explore the best of Los Angeles through these popular event categories


Dive into unique experiences

Discover more of what Los Angeles has to offer with event collections from Eventbrite and local organizers

Find your Pride at these Los Angeles eventsEventbrite 6 upcoming eventsHollywood Boulevard hosted the world’s first permitted Pride parade back in 1970. More than 50 years later, Los Angeles’ LGBTQIA+ community and culture is stronger than ever. This Pride Month, you and your crew can celebrate at parties, screenings, and all kinds of gatherings from Santa Monica to Highland Park, and beyond. Find your Pride at events in Los Angeles where you can show up and show off who you truly are.
Los Angeles events: experience the City of AngelsEventbrite53 upcoming eventsWhen you’re not keeping an eye out for stars in Los Angeles, you can catch a comedy show at a club in Hollywood (where you might see some stars-in-the-making) or bring the family to an outdoor movie. Uncover things to do in LA today by exploring this calendar of concerts, art exhibits, pop-up markets, and more fantastic events throughout the city, selected by Eventbrite’s expert curators.
Where to meet your match in Los AngelesEventbrite x Matchmaker Maria17 upcoming eventsMatchmaker Maria helps singles connect with new people and find love. As CEO of Agape Matchmaking and host of the “Ask A Matchmaker” podcast, Maria Avgitidis has set up more than 5,000 first dates. “Dating in Los Angeles is all about neighborhood connections and embracing a laid-back attitude,” Maria says. She recommends ditching dating apps in favor of weekly trivia nights, cooking classes, and painting workshops. Stop swiping and start meeting people with these events for LA singles curated by Eventbrite’s resident dating expert.

Trends in Los Angeles

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1. Los angeles june
2. Comedy show
3. Memorial day weekend
4. Street fairs
5. Live music
6. Rave party
7. Job fairs
8. Concerts
9. Memorial day weekend events
10. Red carpet premiere
11. Mothers day
12. June

Things to do around Los Angeles

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Frequently asked questions about Los Angeles

Who are the top organizers in Los Angeles?

The top organizers in Los Angeles are:

What are the best cities to visit near Los Angeles?

The best cities to visit near Los Angeles are:

  • San Diego
  • Santa Ana
  • Long Beach
  • Irvine
  • What are the most popular things to do in Los Angeles?

    The most popular things to do in Los Angeles according to Eventbrite users are:

  • los angeles june
  • comedy show
  • memorial day weekend
  • street fairs
  • Event time options

    THE 10 BEST Things to Do & Activities in Los Angeles, CA | Eventbrite (2024)
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