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True Religion Brand Jeans is an American clothing company that used to create high-quality denim apparel. The headquarters were in Gardena, California, with the production facilities near Vernon.

Jeff Lubell and Kym Gold, two business owners, founded the corporation in 2002. Unfortunately, they were forced to close it owing to bankruptcy in 2017.

They attempted to relaunch the business several years later, in 2020; however, those efforts failed, and the company was finally liquidated.

True Religion Meaning And History

The brand’s shelf life was, unfortunately, short-lived. Although the company formally opened in 2002 but didn’t release the first batch of products until 2005— three years after the official inauguration.

By 2009, 900 specialty boutiques across 50 countries were selling our merchandise on all five continents.

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The clothing line’s market debut in 2005 perfectly lined up with the opening of our flagship store in Manhattan Beach, California.

You could also find our branded denim being sold at several high-end department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and Von Maur.

The company went bankrupt because its prices stayed extremely high, and no one bought its product.

In 2011, during the pre-Christmas season, when most people do their Christmas shopping, there was a shockingly low demand for True Religion jeans.

As a result of the lack of interest in the more expensive product, Shares dropped the following year significantly by over half.

After the company struggled through the autumn of 2012, TowerBrook Capital Partners acquired it in 2013. the acquisition didn’t help as intended.

Less than 5 years later, in 2017, the company filed for bankruptcy and closed many stores. The plan is to revive the company by 2020.

Although the company had high hopes, it didn’t achieve what it wanted. While other companies’ stocks rose by more than 100%, True Religion’s only increased by 11.6%.

Consequently, the brand has no prospects and is burdened with financial troubles and two logos.

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True Religion Old Logo

The debut emblem has several components, including text, pictures, and a painting of a Chinese man seated in the center holding a guitar while wearing a dressing robe.

The protagonist is carrying a musical instrument in one hand and using the other to extend his thumb, which displays “class.”

He does this to show that branded goods are of better quality. His smile is radiant.

“World” is written on the Chinese character’s right, while “Tour” is on the left. They have straight spindles and are crimson-colored.

The commercial’s tagline, “Fashion for the senses,” appears below in equally large but wider characters.

The name “True Religion” and “Brand Jeans” are written in two lines above the head, with the former being much bigger than the latter.

The letters of True Religion gradually get smaller as they progress towards the center. At the same time, those Brand Jeans remain uniform in size.

True Religion New Logo

The sign for the brand is a concave feature that looks like an upside-down omega from ancient Greek.

The company is facing financial trouble, which may be why it chose a symbol similar to a horseshoe for good luck. Consequently, the icon also appears as though it could be a horseshoe.

The former symbol’s sizeable inscription is at the top. The brand name comprises many letters that look like western-style signs in the sense that they are high on the edges and low in the center.

The American Wild West is historically tied to the horseshoe, so they used that metaphor in their logo.

The text is curved to emulate a horseshoe shape, and the primary colors are black and white. Similarly, you should also read our article about 12 brands like True Religion.

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True Religion Logo Font

The wordmark for the initial arch was written in Neo Contact Regular, a font from the type foundry Linotype. The only difference you would notice from the original font is that some letters are slightly deformed because of the arched logo structure.

The business went with a softer typeface for the current version, which has more subdued serifs. It looks similar to Pilaster Davy’s Castle Press #1 Regular, but it’s quite distinct.

The angular serifs give it a unique and sophisticated look. Overall, the redesigned symbol is easier to see and more aligned with current design trends.

It’s also noteworthy that a different printing style is sometimes used for the company name on t-shirts and other merchandise. In these cases, you’ll often see the horseshoe emblem alongside it to support the brand identity.

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True Religion Symbol Colors

True Religion’s logo has mainly featured red and dark blue in the past, but the current design sticks to the classic black-on-white color scheme.

This strategy, often used by clothing companies, allows for much creativity when putting the logo on products of different colors.

The logo can also be printed in white or any other color, depending on the backdrop color and the designer’s preference. The standard black-dominated version is not required.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is The Story Behind The True Religion Brand?

True Religion broke into the competitive Los Angeles denim market in 2002 by revamping the design of the conventional five-pocket jean.

To accommodate our new vision, we had to disassemble and rebuild machines that couldn’t handle our designs.

What Kind Of Brand Is True Religion?

Founded in 2002, True Religion swiftly became a prominent denim company and A-list celebrities’ favorite. By 2009, the Los Angeles-based company had over 900 outlets across 50 countries.

It was available in prestigious upscale department stores and specialized multi-brand shops.

What Is The True Religion Logo Mean?

For his company logo, Jeffrey Lubell uses a smiling Buddha to show his spiritual side and an acoustic guitar to symbolize his origins in traditional guitar music, as well as indicate how much he loves artists, including Jethro Tull, Joni Mitchell, CSNY, and James Taylor.

Is True Religion Still In Business?

True Religion, a company specializing in denim clothing, left bankruptcy court in October 2020 and has been prospering ever since.

The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in April 2019 but was able to exit the following year successfully.

How Does True Religion Interpret The Horseshoe?

In 2002, True Religion designed new five-pocket jeans that took Los Angeles by storm. Our hardware was inspired by the long and rich history of denim, and our trademark horseshoe was created from the outline of a Buddha smile.

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Why Is True Religion So Expensive?

True Religion pants are expensive, but the Wall Street Journal has found that it is because they are made in America.

China-made products typically cost significantly less. The CEO of True Religion says that a $300 pair of jeans would only cost around $40 if produced in China.


True Religion is a brand that has been around for over 16 years and has become one of the most popular denim companies in the world.

Their logo, a smiling Buddha inside a horseshoe, is instantly recognizable and has become associated with high-quality clothing.

The company faced some financial troubles in 2019 but was able to emerge from bankruptcy later that year.

True Religion Logo And Its History - CoolSpotters (2024)
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